Bored compaction pile
Foundation is said to very important for a strong building. Nature of soil is one of the main factors to be considered in constructing a building. Nowadays pile foundation is performed in different types of soil. We “Baba pile foundation”take a special care that has to be performed in foundation for better quality in building. The founder of our company is Mr. Kuppusamy. Our service first started in the YEAR 1975. He started the company in a small scale level With Cast In-situ method and with his full effort and dedication, developed the company to one of the leading foundation in Tamil nadu. The venture was started in pile foundation for private buildings and various shopping complexes for ICF, Chennai. At present our honorable directors are no one other than our Founder’s next generation namely Mr.Babu, Mr. Senthil Kumar and Mr.Balasubramanium. We are proud enough to inform that we have branches in Chennai since 1975 and Pondicherry since 2000. We expanded our service gracefully with Fror manufacturing of pile equipments along with providing piles. Also we assure with the help of customer support we will expand our service to the greatest extent. In the past 38 years our company has shown tremendous growth because of good quality as well as customer support.
Our first vision is to satisfy our customer with quality and price. We also take the customer’s need in mind and work hard to deliver the most efficient output. Also we are highly dedicated in establishing our company worldwide and serve our customer with dedication and satisfaction.
According to our motto, customer satisfaction is the first and foremost service. So we do our work with high quality. The quality depends on the nature of soil, concrete the bore with high effective and depth of pile bored. For maintain proper quality we make a post check in depth of pile.
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