Bored compaction pile

Load Testing

Load testing is one of the services that is taken by our company to obtain back figured soil data that which helps in designing some other piles.  Pile test is a part of pile test that includes capacity and settlements. It is the main part of QC/QA for piling works.
Load testing is usually carried to detect the sound of pile. It is carries out in all the above mentioned pile systems. There are four types of load testing
Vertical load testing is done in increments of 20% of estimated load safe. Vertical load testing may be either initial or routine type.

  • Initial load test is performed in determination of ultimate load capacity, to provide guidelines for setting up limits of acceptance for routine load, to get idea of piling system and to check whether the load is calculated dynamic or static.
  • Routine load test is performed in determining the safe load of the pile, detection of any unusual performance contrary to the findings of initial test.

Lateral load testing is performed in estimating the lateral capacity of the pile. Lateral piles are generally subjected to carry piles due to wind pressure, earth pressure or earth quake. Lateral load testing is done in tall chimneys, towers; high retaining walls is highly efficient when compared to other types of load testing systems.
Dynamic load testing constitutes an economical means to quantitatively evaluate the hammer-pile-soil system based on the measurement of force and velocity of pile system. Dynamic load testing estimates total bearing capacity of pile, compute load testing against settlement curve. Dynamic load testing monitors the measurement of quality control and verification testing. Dynamic pile stress helps in reducing the damage in pile system.
Pull-Out Load test is performed in increasing the resistance power of concrete walls. This test is carried under two main sources namely skin friction between pile and soil & suctions generated between the piles. This test helps in determining skin friction for priers that helps in evaluation of pile load capacity. It is very Rapid, cost effective and reliability in results.

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